Austin, Texas


DevoX started experiencing EDM music back in 2007 in the deserts of New Mexico. He started off as most of us do when entering the electronic music scene, lost and looking to discover himself. That Year he started his photography expedition slowly getting into the world of event photography. This sparked the muse of playing music for the masses by becoming friends of some of the best DJs and Producers of New Mexico. He began his journey with trance and techno, good old fashioned roots, but slowly moved to the more grooving beats. He now rests with wonky and house vibes, alongside supporting all his fellow Music Aficionados.

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  • VivaABQ, Infrequency Events, Disco Donnie, Insomniac Events, BakedUp, Subciety, GrimeApple, and many many more!
  • DevoX has opened up for names such as Dr. Fresch, Malaa, Tchami, & Many More.
  • Current Single Release: Fresh Scent
  • Next Single Release: TBD –  Unidentified Media Group, LLC.